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our philosophy

A family tradition of regenerative winemaking 

Regenerative viticulture is a way of life for generations of winemakers at the Haritatos Estate.

A vineyard that has been in our family since 1863.

The estate is currently managed by three siblings, Ioanna, Haritos, and Konstantinos Haritatos, with the support of our extended family. We cultivate our wines naturally in Lixouri, Kefalonia, where the warm days and cool nights of the Ionian coax intense aromas from our grapes. We produce small quantities of Vostilidi, Mavrodaphne, and Muscat, indigenous varieties that are an honest expression of the Kefalonian terroir and of our family’s holistic philosophy. 

Ιωάννα Χαριτάτου - Ioanna Haritatou

Minimum intervention is the foundation of everything we do. Planting, pruning, and harvesting are all done manually, in harmony with the natural cycles that have guided our ancestors for centuries. The drainage and rainwater collection system carved into the estate dates back over one hundred years. Rainwater reserves are stored in tanks and used for irrigation in case of heatwaves. As a rule, we do not water our vines so as not to dilute their intensity and character. The poor, clay loam soil produces low yields of around 700 kilos per acre, but we never force the vines for higher yields.  

Sustainable farming extends beyond our vineyards: fruit orchards, olive groves, a botanical garden, seasonal vegetables, and medicinal herbs grow alongside our vines. Wildlife also flourishes in this unique microclimate. Sheep and goats graze on the weeds, clearing the stone pathways between the vines, which we share with lively populations of lizards and insects. All organic waste is made into compost.

When bottling our wines on the estate, we take care to reduce environmental impact and shipping costs by avoiding unnecessarily heavy bottles.


We welcome visitors to the estate to sample our wines and learn more about our regenerative approach to winemaking in one of the oldest mansions on Kefalonia.

Η ομάδα

Το κρασί είναι ένα προαιώνιο κληροδότημα. Τι χρειάζεται; Μια ομάδα σκυταλοδρομιάς. Κάθε τρύγος να είναι μία τελετή παραλαβής – παράδοσης.


Ιωάννα Χαριτάτου

Ioanna Haritatou


Χαρίτος Χαριτάτος

Haritos Haritatos


Κωνσταντίνος Χαριτάτος

Konstantinos Haritatos


Χρήστος Πέππας

Christos Peppas


Giannis Stathatos


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