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The Cephalonian terroir the way we would prefer it in our glass: meant to be enjoyed.


White Dry Wine

Charitatos Vineyard Typaldo

Made 100% from Muscat variety of Kefallonia island. The lemon color of the wine possibly leads us to anticipate the smell of lime, lemon blossom and even unripe pear coming to our nose from afar. But as we come closer, aromas of marjoram, honey and apricot jam are revealed. Voilà! This is what we call enchanting scents.

Madame H.

Red Dry Wine

Made from 100% Mavrodaphne variety of Kefallonia island. A wine with deep red color that matures for 2 years in barrel. Ripe plums, cherries, black raisins, pepper and of course laurel (daphne) in full bloom. Its texture is velvety, the tannins are soft and the mouth-filling jams are complemented by hints of chocolate and oak.


- Χαρίτων -

White Dry Wine

Made 100% from Kefallonian Vostylidi grape variety. A wine of deep-lemon color, rich in minerality with aromas of bergamot, white peach and honeysuckle. High acidity is balanced by a full-flavored body achieving a remarkable combination of freshness and creamy texture.

Mademoiselle Haritatou

Red Dry Wine

Made from 100% Mavrodaphne variety of Kefallonia island. A dry dark red wine from the tank, bursting with freshness. Mademoiselle manages to preserve all the aromas of the vibrant red fruits, vanilla, spices and -of course- the laurel (daphne) of the variety. It is an excellent example of the new trend of so-called red summer wines · red wines recommended to be served chilled with crisp acidity and soft tannins!

Rose de

Rosé Dry Wine

Made from 100% Mavrodaphne variety of Kefallonia island. A wine with a vibrant pink color and scents of red fruits, blossoms and herbs. Fresh and spicy, fruity, refreshing yet creamy. Its lively acidity and lasting finish makes it perfect for any time and season. The Rose de Haritatos pairs excellently with meals, bringing out the unique character of the mavrodaphne grape.

Joya darling

- Joya darling -

Naturally Sweet Wine

Made from 100% sun-dried Muscat grapes, naturally sweet wine (i.e., without added sugar), aged in barrels. An amber-coloured uniquely refreshing sweet wine, whose acidity rejuvenates the palette, making you eager for the next glass. Dried apricots, peaches and spoon sweets in every sip...yet it never overwhelms you! The bottles of Joya darling are exceptionally few but the smiles it spreads · countless.


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